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dear old dog

This will be a short posting today. Otto is not well and needs my attention.

This morning I awoke to Otto’s bark: the particular one when he’s not barking at something but calling for me to come. When I got to him I could see he had lost the use of his rear legs. He was covered in dried plant material, which leads me to think his legs had gone out from under him so suddenly he had taken a tumble.

The veterinarian is out of town today, so we will not be able to get Otto in for an examination until tomorrow morning. Based on the symptoms I described by phone, Doc thinks Otto may have suffered a mini-stroke.

I have a sinking feeling that this may be the beginning of the end of my time with this friend I love so much. He has already outlived the typical life span for his breed.

I only hope the end does not come too soon for either of us.