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Well friends, it’s official: we have an almost-working chicken coop. 

Yesterday afternoon neighbors Julie and Whitebear decided three of their roosters had to go. Julie rounded up and caged all but one which escaped and is probably some coyote’s meal already. Whitebear brought by the remaining two roosters and installed them in our coop. 

I asked Whitebear if they have names. “Yeah,” he said, “Lunch and Dinner.” 

Maybe I wasn’t hungry at the moment, but somehow they don’t strike me as very appetizing. Anyway, we have other plans in mind. I’m thinking of naming one of them Casanova. Maybe you have an idea of what I might name the other. I’m all ears.

Today I was greeted by that “G’morning” sound you either love or hate. (I kinda like it.) The timing seemed a little early. The light had not even begun to glow beyond the mountains to the east.

 “Cock-a-doodle-do!” crowed one. “Cock-a-duh,” crowed the other. They kept it up until sunrise. 

I wasn’t exactly planning on this fowl development, so today I must go into town again and buy some chickenfeed, as well as some hardware supplies to secure weak-points in the coop.

I’m not so concerned about keeping the roosters in as keeping predators out (though the birds do need to remain confined for a week so they will imprint on the coop as their “safe place”).

We want all our animals to be safe and happy. Speaking of which…

The vet did confirm that Otto has suffered a small stroke, and that there are only slight residual effects that will likely go away. He pronounced Otto in excellent overall health (especially for an old guy), and we agreed on a dietary supplement approach to managing his health for longevity.

In his current state of health and living here with me, Otto has an excellent quality of life. I have long suspected he is still alive because he enjoys it so.