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Paul was in Marathon all last week working on some construction projects.

When he returned on Saturday, one of the first things Paul said was, “I’m so glad to have access to a computer again. The television news was always on, yet I never knew what was really happening.”

He then began reading me headlines from some of his favorite Internet news sources and a picture of recent events began to resolve like a pointillist painting:

The US military was involved in Haitian earthquake disaster simulation exercises a day before the Haitian earthquake;

An unconfirmed report by the Russian Northern Fleets says the Haiti earthquake was caused by a flawed US Navy ‘earthquake weapons’ test before the weapons could be utilized against Iran;

In April 1997 then-Defense Secretary William Cohen told a terrorism conference at the University of Georgia that military technology is being developed for causing earthquakes;

Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez has just accused the US of using such technology in Haiti;

There’s evidence that the United States found oil in Haiti decades ago and, due to geopolitical circumstances and big business interests of that era, made the decision to keep Haitian oil in reserve for when Middle Eastern oil had dried up;

Haiti is a source for copper, gold, bauxite, and other minerals, as well as cheap labor;

US officials are saying our troops will be in Haiti “for the long haul”;

In the light of the militarization of emergency aid to Haiti, some observers are questioning whether we’re conducting a humanitarian operation or an invasion.

How could I have gotten through a whole week without such reassuring reports?

The answer: Peacefully!

Last night Paul and I were invited to dinner at the home of our neighbors, Alana and Bill, where Paul regaled them with provocative, little-known news and statistics. Paul’s command of facts and data was impressive. Even though I’d heard it all before, it was entertaining to see Bill and Alana being so entertained.

“I’m so glad Paul’s back,” Alana said to me as we were leaving. “When he’s away, there’s no one to tell us what’s going on.”

2 Responses to “news report”

  1. 1 Mikki
    January 25, 2010 at 6:44 am

    Just dandy Dan, interesting.Hi Otto ,you sweetie ,Oh, you too Dan.Blessings,Mikki

  2. 2 Abe
    January 25, 2010 at 11:36 pm

    Actually, a lot of that info has been debunked, especially the Hugo Chavez and Russia stuff. They never said it, it was cooked up on the net by bloggers and opinion writers.

    The Cohen thing is also not exactly true. He was talking about LW technology, and some say that MAYBE it could cause earthquakes, but Cohen never said they were trying to make earthquakes happen.

    I tend to doubt the Haiti earthquake conspiracy for one basic reason – if we wanted to invade Haiti, who would stop us, and why would we have to go to all the trouble and expense of making it look like a natural disaster?

    By the way, Canada and Mexico have WAY more oil than Haiti (and more precious metals), and although Mexico has had some quakes, I don’t see any US troops anywhere around. So, I think there are probably other countries that would be higher on the invade and conquer list that Haiti.

    So, I think these “news” items are really good for entertainment value, but as far as being true, I seriously doubt it.

    And that is one problem with internet media: no credibility. Anyone can blog anything, and then if enough folks repeat it, it seems true (like in the Hugo Chavez stuff above), but in reality, it is just hot air.

    I just ignore it altogether, assume Rome is burning, and get on with my life, plant a tree if possible, and work on the place. So much more peaceful that way!!!! 🙂

    Best to everyone up there. I hope you guys are well.

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