pet project

I haven’t told you yet what has been filling my days for so many months. Maybe my long silence since last summer has created the impression that I have been doing nothing. Not so.

This has been an exciting time for me intellectually. As you may have surmised from my “Earth Energy” entry, my studies have continued. What I have not yet shared is that they are finding a creative outlet in a re-write of my manuscript for a work called The Runic Compass.

The Runic Compass summarizes more than twenty years of research about natural and human cycles as diverse as climate and weather, wildlife populations and sunspots, war and peace, energy consumption and industrial production, wealth and poverty.

In discovering a direct correlation between ancient European and Chinese systems for understanding and predicting the seasons of transformative change, I realized that a single Earth-based model was once known to elites everywhere in the world… an echo of the same kind of thing being discovered in the worldwide system of pyramids, roads and ley lines, stone circles, mounds, etc. the ancients created to harness and use the Earth’s energy.

Like people everywhere in the world, the ancient people of Northern Europe encoded key wisdom and knowledge in their sacred literature and traditions.

All that survives today of this Northern Tradition esoterica is found in a surprisingly small number of surviving runic inscriptions—about 6,400 in total—and surviving myths about the Nordic gods and a handful of rune poems. About half of these runic inscriptions are found on Viking-age stone artifacts in Sweden. Some are medieval runes, usually found on small objects, often wooden sticks. Only 350 inscriptions are older than the Viking age.

The runic alphabet was used by the peoples of Northern Europe until well into the Middle Ages and, in some of the more remote places, even as late as the 1600s. Like our own alphabet, the runes were used to express many languages (including Gothic, German, Frisian, English, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic, Lithuanian, Russian, etc.) in writing and in speech. Each rune has its own spoken sound.

Yet unlike our modern alphabets, the ancient runes contain symbolic meanings, traditional wisdom and, as some believe, awesome cosmic powers. The runes are a symbolic system which embodies the infinite within the finite, the “universe within a grain of sand.” The runes are sacred instruments with which one can see and benefit from the unifying presence of divinity in the world.

Each rune must be seen as a precise concept in its own right. Each encapsulates a certain aspect of existence expressing a part of the fundamental nature and inner structure of reality. Each rune is a symbolic storehouse of knowledge and deep meaning which can be accessed when studied in depth.

The 24 oldest runes are a complete, coherent, and powerful system embodying the holographic reality and unity of the universe. They can be used, almost like scientific tools, to predict future conditions and to suggest appropriate responses.

Early last year I thought I had a publisher for The Runic Cycle, but the deal fell out of bed at the last minute. It was a great disappointment because I would have shared the same publisher with some of the writers in this field I most respect.

Yet the experience showed me that the manuscript was clearly not ready and, after a suitable fermentation period, I am now about a third of the way through a new editing and re-write pass.

The manuscript originated as a series of letters to Derek while he was in prison (Derek had asked me to teach him about the runes). Now it is being revised as a series of letters to ten-year-old Elijah Kenney, my ersatz grandson. Elijah asked me to teach him how to predict the future.

Yesterday Elijah’s written answers to a chapter test arrived by mail, and I am pleased he seems to be grasping this challenging material. We will talk on the phone this week and discuss mutual questions. He seems to be enjoying the experience of being my guinea pig. I’ve never tried explaining this material to young kids before.

I’ll be learning as much from Elijah as he’ll learn from me.

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