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rich kids

If you’ve read Abe’s comment to Friday’s post, you might say I’ve really stepped in it.

When I said that Abe comes from a wealthy family, I was only repeating what one of his friends told me. He says he isn’t and resents the suggestion… but my characterization was not meant as an insult. I’m sorry, Abe.

I grew up around rich kids. We came from a well-known family in local business and politics. We were “comfortable”—certainly not rich and not even well-to-do. Nevertheless, my friendships with sons and daughters of privilege allowed me to observe and learn things which have benefited me my whole life.

One of the strongest memories of those kids, especially during my college years, is that so many of them were starting businesses, performing in rock bands, traveling the world, adventuring, learning by doing. They would do “crazy” things like Abe and his wife Josie did here, living on the desert in a bus for three years while hand-building an adobe house with gardens and windmills.

I was surrounded by people with high expectations for themselves and their lives, and they expected much of me. The friends of my youth were a blessing and I figured Abe was just another.

As much as I might grouse about certain aspects of Estrella Vista’s physical plant, it is the one place in the world where I most want to be. I love it as it is. I value the spirit and knowledge which informed its creation.

There are charming aspects of puro junko—I mean puro jonke—which we will preserve and emulate. This window is one of the most popular and endearing features of the house Abe built. The new greenhouse shows it off well.

Abe and Josie established a vision here which is almost magical, and we will be extending their vision for as long as I can continue to build.