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Paul says the human body has the innate capacity to heal itself of almost anything. He says that it can even be induced to reverse the ageing process, and he means to prove his hypothesis through his experiments with his hyperbaric chamber.

“Every cell in the body is replaced at least every seven years,” Paul says. “The only reason we age is that our DNA breaks down a little bit with every new generation of cells.”

All the body needs, he says, is good nutrition, magnetics, unblocked energy circuits, and an increase in the amount of oxygen absorbed by the body (which is accomplished by breathing normal air under pressure), and the endocrine system can turn on and the body will renew itself. Even the DNA will repair itself, he says.

For the last few days, Cynta has been showing off the improvements in her physical condition. A week ago her hands were like claws. Her fingers didn’t function. She had a special gear shift knob made so she could operate her car, but the day before her first session in the hyperbaric chamber even this device didn’t help. She had to have a front-seat passenger shift for her. Now, after just a few sessions, Cynta’s fingers are normal again, their function fully restored.

Other changes are happening, too. She has stopped taking her pain medication because her debilitating pain has ceased. She has stopped taking her steroids, too, so her body can take over control from the drugs.

Cynta has decided when her guesthouse is vacant again in mid-April, it will be turned over to Paul for his continuing hyperbaric experiments.