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juvenile justice updates

Jordan Brown’s appeal will not be heard today as I erroneously reported based upon the court docket. The scheduled activity today is of a purely technical nature. Jordan’s attorney Dennis Elisco called me yesterday to say that their deadline for submitting hearing briefs is September 13th, and that the Superior Court will have 20-30 days after that to respond before oral arguments are scheduled.

I know Jordan’s supporters may feel frustrated as this case drags out and Jordan is wasting his young life in detention. It is either this or allowing the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to railroad him into a life behind bars for something he didn’t do. I hope you’ll take heart that Jordan is being detained in a facility that’s better than most and which is run by a truly compassionate and enlightened man.

David Champ’s formal arraignment is August 25th, and we are diligently working to identify and retain quality legal counsel. In the meantime, David is being held at the Kansas City MO Juvenile Center and visitation privileges are being denied to everyone including his mother.

She called me yesterday and reports that a case worker assigned by the Family Court has been relaying her messages to David and has been calling her with periodic updates on his welfare. He seems to be happiest with the large portions of food he is given (he went hungry much of the time he lived with his father) and his ability to play basketball whenever he wants. She said that the case worker said David is comfortable and joining into activities, but suggested that the enormity of what is transpiring has not yet sunk in.

Amnesty International has put out a second call for letters to be submitted to Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett urging him to abandon the state’s efforts to try Jordan Brown as an adult and transfer his case to juvenile court where it belongs. For specific information about how you can help, please go to: http://www.amnestyu ter/actions/ uaa09710. pdf.