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Judge Dominick Motto has finally responded to the Superior Court’s decision that vacated his March 2010 ruling that Jordan Brown could not be tried in the juvenile court because he refuses to confess to a crime he did not commit. Motto has scheduled a June 8 “status conference” to learn what all the lawyers involved in the case want to do next. “He wants to know if there should be a full hearing, if prior testimony can be stipulated to, or if new evidence should be presented,” Jordan’s attorney Dennis Elisco told the local media. ‘Bout time, don’t you think? No one will ever call this judge “speedy.” It remains to be seen if he can be called “fair.”

The youth justice advocacy organization Children’s Hope and Voice has just imploded over strategic differences among its leaders. Its website went dark today. It appears that the lines were drawn over the issue of how aggressively the organization should advocate for kids—between just talking or doing. It’s too bad they couldn’t work things out for the benefit of the kids. Both functions are needed.

This morning I had a brief conversation with Jerry of the Grub Shack, and he has just learned that the state inspectors are going to require a couple tests and paperwork that will cost him another $500 in fees before he can reopen. This is the same old thing one sees everywhere, wherein government construes the concept of public service as “serve us.” Looks like John Wells is going to have to order a bigger plaque.

On a brighter note… yesterday while I was on the phone with Paco, a road grader appeared to fix our road which is arguably one of the worst on Terlingua Ranch. I went out and struck up a conversation with the operator who told me he had scheduled the maintenance because Val had suggested it. Val works in maintenance at the Lodge, and doesn’t have the power to do anything but make suggestions. Proves the adage that anything is possible if you have lots of friends in low places.

Thank you, Val! Does this mean you’re planning to drive up here sometime soon for a visit?


I strongly recommend that you check out Abram’s comment to today’s entry. Someone needs to send Judge Motto one of those little pocket-sized booklets of the US Constitution.


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