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Were you offended as I was by the public dressing-down that Benjamin Netanyahu gave Barack O’Bama a week ago in the Oval Office in front of  a worldwide television audience, lecturing his host like a teacher shaming a bad schoolboy?

And were you as embarrassed as I was two days later (after he was warned his re-election campaign is in danger of losing the financial support of Jewish contributors) when our shamefaced schoolboy then trotted over to the AIPAC meeting to “clarify” what he’d said that had so infuriated Bibi?

I’ll probably be wrongfully labeled as an anti-Semite by someone out there for posting this map, but it shows you in red and blue what O’Bama was talking about and what Bibi wants you to forget: that over the last 44 years the Zionists have effectively obliterated the Palestinians’ capacity to exist as a nation—while all along howling about some Palestinians’ denials of “Israel’s right to exist.”

Who are the real victims here? Who are the real oppressors?

Rhetoric versus Reality… isn’t it time we all get real about what’s really going on? Americans are shedding precious blood and bucks in mislead service to confounding myths and illusions which are not of our making and which will lead to our undoing.

And speaking of illusions, how real a force is anti-Semitism in the world? Here is a fascinating film by Israeli filmmaker Yoav Shamir which explores this question and draws some surprising conclusions.


Think for yourself.



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