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bright mite

The bright spot in my day yesterday was a call from Stephen in which he said that James Prindle is “bouncing off the walls” with hope and optimism now that we have engaged an attorney to represent him.

When I contrast this with his hopelessness and despondency of just a few days ago… well, all I can say is that the warmth I feel inside at his relief and happiness is worth any amount of effort, grief, or travail expended on his behalf.

Today I spoke for the first time with his new attorney, Claiborne Ferguson, who met with James yesterday and confirmed for me what we have believed all along: that James is a good kid who is absolutely innocent of the charges against him. He confirmed that if James were to go to prison labeled as a child molester, he would not come out alive. He also confirmed that James’ court-appointed public defender has done none of the basic things for James that should have been done by now—no interviews, no investigation and fact-finding, nothing except helping the prosecutor try to wrest a plea bargain from this innocent, scared, and abandoned child.

Tonight I spoke for a long time with a donor who contributed the remaining funds we needed to engage Claiborne—a third of the fee—and I watched the funds transfer into our PayPal account even as this donor and I were still talking on the phone. We now have assurance that James’ hopes for justice will not be dashed.

The donor—and now James’ anonymous Guardian Angel—talked with me for over two hours about a wide range of subjects. But always the conversation returned to the subject of Divine Guidance and that the redemption of young lives is God’s plan for us.

Where there is  no justice, we agreed we must create it. We cannot be dissuaded by the agents of retribution who plague the proper functioning of the juvenile justice system in America. Even those who pose as being righteous are in actuality agents of evil.

We still have the remaining $10,000 to raise in order to see James’ defense through to the end; yet I have no doubt that with your help we will meet this goal. The defense of this innocent boy is God’s work, and where God guides He provides.

And here is a lesson this man shared with me, even as he had given us several thousand dollars for James’ defense: he told me the story of The Widow’s Mite.

It is a story from the Bible in which a poor widow contributed to the temple treasury two small copper coins called “mites”—in today’s money worth a fraction of a cent—and the haughty people who had given more disparaged her gift. Christ admonished them saying, “I tell you the truth, this poor widow has put more into the treasury than all others because she gave her last coins.”

The donor brushed off my thanks and said we will raise the remaining $10,000 we need for James so long as we are more thankful for the small gifts than we are for his. He encouraged me to ask you to please pitch in for James, even if all you can contribute is a penny.

We are still creating a website for James that will go live soon; in the meantime, if you can help in any amount whatsoever, will you please donate through PayPal and direct your gift to info-at-wandervogel-dot-com, and make a note that it is for James Prindle?

Even if you can give only a mite, you will share the satisfaction of knowing that you will be creating justice for James and restoring hope to his life.

Thank you.


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