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staying sick!

If this kind of thing keeps happening, I’m going to stay sick a little longer!

I was just about to grind out a short post for today when I received this comment by the Diary reader known as Alawyer:  “Sorry you’re sick. I thought since you’re under the weather I might share my post from today on MSNBC about a 9-year-old girl arrested in Florida and charged with a felony for a temper tantrum.”

Well, I didn’t approve it as a comment, but decided to put it on the front page instead. This is better than anything I could have done today. I think you’ll enjoy it. Thank you, Alawyer!

When Winston Churchill was about that age, he was referred to as a monster by his own parents and most of his teachers. During one tantrum, he pulled books off of a shelf in the school library, ripped some to pieces, stomped and kicked at an instructor, and broke the headmaster’s cane. This behavior continued for a number of years and in high school he was disciplined for a breaking and entering incident. Today, many in the psychiatric community say he displayed ADHD behaviors.

Luckily for Churchill and the world at large, he grew up more than a century ago in England, where bad bahavior by children was treated as such. No one was drugged and removed to schools for only other badly behaved children where such behavior was reinforced. And of course, children of 9 fall below the age of criminal responsibility throughout the world and cannot be charged with felonies, let alone have their faces published on the evening news and the internet, along with their names, in order to ensure that they will never be able to successfully get past their childhood transgressions. Only America permits children under 10 to be charged with crimes–except for Iran perhaps.

The comments on the web that I have read are sickening. Racist. Brutal. Mean spirited and of a nature that spells out the cruelty of the American people. Children of 9 should never be handcuffed, shackled, fingerprinted and labled as felons before they know what a felony is. Children of 9 who throw rocks are not criminals. Children of 9 who throw chairs (Churchill did this as well) are not criminals. Children of 9 who use foul language and “threaten” big bad police officers are not criminals unless the police choose to call these children such. Children of 9 lack the capacity to commit a felony–they do not fully understand and appreciate the nature and consequences of their actions.

The police grossly overreacted and showed a horrid lack of understanding in handling small children. They escalated a bad situation. Arresting a child is stupid–and if the intention was to get her “help” then charging her with felonies was overkill. But posting her picture on the net? It’s about as humane as taking a heated branding iron to her face.

She’s a child. Today she has entered America’s notorious school-to-prison pipeline where she will join legions of other children, especially in Florida, as the system prepares them for a life in the underclass and quite probably prison. She will be involuntarily drugged and labeled and kept in a school for bad kids. She will have a felony record online that will dog her every move. She now has no hope and no future. Thanks Florida. And A special big wet kiss to the mainstream media hacks who printed her name and picture and took the bait from these poor excuses for law enforcement officers.


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