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rusty start

It is November already. I can hardly believe it. This is the beginning of the hardest part of the year. Today’s sunrise is already inching surprisingly close to the winter solstice rising-point. Our heating season commenced last night as cold winds bore down on Estrella Vista from the northeast. I’m not looking forward to either the cold or the extra propane expenses to be incurred and endured over the next few months.

I’m coming out of this illness in a funk and feeling overwhelmed by many things, most of them quite small. I know I’m just being a whiner and going too easy on myself. All I want to do is sleep and vegetate in front of the computer screen, and I cannot think seriously about writing.

I complain about the cold and yet the afternoon temperature has reached 65 degrees. What a crybaby! What a slacker! What a…

Thank heaven—I’ve been saved by the bell. That was Whitebear phoning to check on me. He sounded terrible. He said that after being down for three days, he recovered from the same crud that I had—went out and put in a workday—and now has suffered a relapse. I guess I’m doing the best thing, afterall.

Indolence is good.


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Thanks to all my friends who keep checking in on me and offering their encouragement. I love you, too!