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and finally…

While we’re on the subject… this picture is my idea of hell. Old people lined up, stacked up, waiting, tethered, and fearfully dependent upon some treatment or another to prolong their bleak lives.

Illness may be big business for the drug companies, hospitals, clinics, health care workers, etc., but for patients, families, and society it is impoverishing on so many levels. I have witnessed enough chronic illness and its wasting and wasteful outcomes to accept it in my own life.

I’ve quipped for years that “a shotgun in the shower” is my retirement plan–and yet there’s an element of seriousness to the joke.

Let me check out while I’ve still got my teeth, brain cells, and endurance. Let it happen when I’m at the top of my game. Let the timing come as a slight surprise. It’s better to leave the banquet table a little hungry, and not fully sated.

Anyway, I’ll rejoin the feast at the kids’ table another day.


Groove of the Day 

Listen to Blue Öyster Cult performing “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper”