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on the mend

It is Thursday night and I am coming back to life. On Sunday afternoon Jerry brought by a nebulizer, and I have been using it every four hours since then to clear out my lungs. Thank God it’s working!

I am so ready for this damned illness to be over. For three weeks I’ve been living in a zone that is so strange and disorienting mainly because I have been living, working, and sleeping in this chair day and night. My nighttimes have no longer been for just sleeping and my daytimes have no longer been for just waking. My dream life and real life have been interleafed and mooshed together in confusing and somewhat debilitating ways.

I’ve recently missed making three posts, and this more than anything has alarmed friends and family who have checked in on me to make sure I’m alright. The missed posts only mean that I’ve temporarily run out of interesting things to tell you. The nebulizer treatments have caused me to sleep even more than had already been the case. They’ve sapped the energy I rely upon to write.

I’m still taking calls and moving forward on our projects, albeit a little more slowly. I’m still thinking, even if I’m not writing. I’m doing better today than yesterday and much better than the days before.

So please don’t worry. Thanks for your concern. I’m sorry if I’ve caused you to worry. I’m definitely on the mend.


Groove of the Day 

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