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A few minutes ago I awoke with a start and, after getting my bearings and establishing the time, realized I hadn’t missed publishing today’s post after all. What a relief!

It would have been a bad way to start off the new year. Yes, new year. Today is the Runic New Year.

You can read all about it at I wrote about it last year… so no need to repeat myself.

This afternoon I drove into town to do some banking and buy a few supplies. I was returning home at 4:30 when I thought to myself, “What the hell. It’s the New Year,” turned the car around, and drove to the Starlight for 2-4-1 burger night.

“Live it up, Dan.”

I opened the place at 5:00, was the first customer at the bar, blew twenty bucks on three scotches, a burger (and one to go), plus tips… and I was out the door and on the road by 6:30, home by 7:15, and asleep in the chair by 8:00.

Holy shit. I’ve entered the Geritol set. All I need is a white belt and matching shoes. Next thing you know, I’ll be streaming Lawrence Welk re-runs.

Oh, no. This just isn’t right.


Groove of the Day 

Listen to Perry Como performing “Hoop-dee-doo”