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“The term Nature Deficit Disorder (NDD) has recently entered the popular vocabulary, though it has yet to make it into the DSM or be accepted by the medical community. It was coined a few years ago to explain a wide range of behavior problems in children who spend little time outdoors, and now is evoked as the root cause of an even wider range of aliments both physical and emotional in people of all ages who are disconnected from nature.

“I believe we are gathering scientific evidence for the benefits of living close to nature, not simply for enjoying its beauty or getting spiritual sustenance, but also for keeping our brains and nervous systems in good working order.

“In the interest of emotional well-being, I advise you to guard against Nature Deficit Disorder by letting nature into your awareness as often as you can, any way you can. Watch the ever-changing shapes of clouds, admire trees, listen to the wind, look at the moon, at birds, at mountains. And when you do, be aware that you are part of nature, connected through it to something much larger than yourself that transcends and will survive you.”

                                                                                     ~Dr. Andrew Weil from Spontaneous Happiness


Groove of the Day 

Listen to Leonard Bernstein conducting the Wiener Philharmoniker in Beethoven’s 6th Symphony (“Pastorale”)