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blago’s return

Longtime readers with memories for the minutiae of life at Estrella Vista may recall my story from the early fall of 2010 ( about Blago, an unfortunate and apparently dim-witted chick who was trampled by the flock in a storm and had to be nursed back to life. (Blago is so named because the feathers on her head then bore an uncanny resemblance to former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich’s coif.)

Blago was the only white hen to have survived the coyote attack a little more than a year ago (, but yesterday she was ill and weak and there was ample evidence the other members of the flock had begun pecking her. Chickens are meaner and more vicious to the weak than the baddest of middle school bullies, and if I’d left Blago there, she would have been literally eaten alive. So I removed her from the chicken coop and ensconced her in the open air part of the house.

Blago found a safe corner in which to roost last night, and this morning I moved her to where I’ve set up a smorgasbord consisting of seed, water, lettuce, and a tomato. As soon as I left Blago and came indoors, I was relieved to see her eating. “Maybe there is hope for this bird yet,” I said to myself.

Yet the fact is Blago is still as stupid as ever. I just took a look and see she has repositioned herself and is sitting on the tomato which is, after all, about the size and shape of a chicken egg.

Some hope, but maybe not too much.


Groove of the Day 

Listen to Alison Krauss and Union Station performing “Cluck Old Hen”



Blago hung around for a day after I brought her over to the house, and then she disappeared. Now that the house is dogless, I felt sick all day fearing that Blago had been snatched up by a coyote–there is enough coyote scat in the driveway and the road to have justified the suspicion. Yet today (“on the third day she arose again from the dead”) Blago has reappeared and she is obviously much stronger. She apparently hid out and recuperated in a safe place that even I could not find. Maybe this bird is smarter than I thought.