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I’ve been on the phone all day, talking to colleagues, lawyers, supporters, and others. Little time has been left to write and I am tired—so I’ll try to keep this short.

Without exception, all the people with whom I spoke today are kind, compassionate, and loving folks, but every one of them seemed to be hurting in some way. They spoke of the deception, cruelty, selfishness, betrayal, hate, and depravity they are seeing in the world, whether in the politics and news of the day or in events touching on their own lives.

I feel such gratitude that I live out here at such a far remove from every negative thing they described. Except for dealing with the occasional scumbag through our kids’ cases, I am well insulated from the caustic and searing influences of the world.

One time in the week when I do experience this toxicity is when I visit the restaurant at the motor lodge in town to pick up a dip of chocolate ice cream—a compensatory perk for the inconvenience of having to leave Estrella Vista to buy supplies—where they’ve installed a big-screen TV that’s always tuned to Fox News. It is almost as if it is emitting a death ray, it is that painful for me to see and hear Fox’s hateful transmissions. I always feel such a sense of relief when I leave that place, and feel sad for the millions of people who unthinkingly and uncritically live with Fox’s poison all day long.

The other night I had supper with a friend from Maine who spends a lot of time in Canada. “The Canadians are such sensible people,” she said. “Do you know why Fox has no stations in Canada? Because they have a law up there that if you are calling something ‘the news,’ you have to tell the truth. Fox can’t qualify.”

We had a good laugh about that at the time, but I have been thinking about it ever since. Untruthfulness is at the top of every slippery slope that descends to pure evil.

How much better would everything be in the world if people simply resolved to be honest and always told the truth?


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