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crazy world

Even though daytime temperatures are moderating, as soon as the sun dips behind the mountains it becomes almost instantly cold. I’m still burning through a lot of propane to keep warm, so I had to drive into town today to refill my tanks.

I stopped in again at the motor lodge restaurant for ice cream, and as I stood at the cashier’s counter, a figure approached me from the back corner of the dining room. It was my new friend Dan Kiss, a young musician-composer with rock star good looks and a beautiful partner named Jessica. The first time I met Dan and Jess I had taken an instant liking to them and resolved to make them my friends. With a little finagling I got them to attend my Solstice gathering, and since then Dan and I have had a few conversations through which he has revealed himself to be an intelligent, gifted, serious, and deep-thinking young man.

I was flattered that Dan had walked the whole length of the dining room just to greet me, and gratified that he should agree to my joining him at his table where he had been checking e-mails on his computer.

We had a conversation that was fascinating to me in a couple ways. First, Dan kept independently bringing up ideas and themes about which I’ve been thinking a lot recently. (You know I always pay close attention to coincidences.) At one point I found myself asking, “Is it something in the water?” And then Dan focused on the same subject that had been preoccupying my thinking this very day: balancing the need to preserve my own physical insulation from the world with the urgent impulse to do something significant to save it—the whole damned, crazy world (unrealistic as that may seem).

Here we were, I thought, sitting out here in the middle of nowhere (in a place some people call “the largest outdoor insane asylum in the world”), two dreamers sharing the same issues, dreaming the same impossible dream of world change. I, of course, have a vested interest in not believing myself to be crazy (and even if I were crazy, I would probably be the last to know). But this young man sitting across the table from me was definitely not delusional. When he spoke about changing the world, I believed him, but I didn’t know why.

Then he told me to watch a documentary film online called I am Fishead, which I did do this evening. If you believe that social psychology is a science, then I am Fishead presents a scientific basis for why and how the world can be changed. It can be viewed free at (don’t be put off by their “show times” talk; they have an “I’m impatient” button, and you can view the film on demand). I highly recommend it. It may just change your life and restore your hope that we can change the world.

At the very least, this film with the crazy title will confirm that you are not unbalanced for believing that we can restore justice in this evil, crazy world.


Groove of the Day 

Listen to Paul Simon performing “Still Crazy After All These Years”