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call for cards

For a kid alone in prison, one of the worst days of the year must be your birthday. You’re haunted by memories of happier birthdays when you were the center of attention, but this day is a lonely grind just like any other. You’re lucky if anyone gives a shit.

We have two kids in prison whose birthdays are coming up soon: Paul Henry Gingerich, who will be 14 on February 17, and James Prindle, who will be 17 on February 23.

Let’s give them both a lift by sending birthday cards–lots of them, please.

Here are their addresses:

Paul Henry Gingerich (201351)
c/o Pendleton Juvenile Corrections Facility
PO Box 900
Pendleton, IN  46064
James Prindle (10142158)
C Pod, Cell 18 – Jail East
6201 Haley Road
Memphis, TN  38134

Please let Paul and James know they’re not forgotten, that we hold them close even though they’re far away.


Groove of the Day 

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