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I’m Sorry  Yesterday afternoon while I was in town and my computer was completely shut down and disconnected from the Internet, some sorry scammer hacked into my Yahoo e-mail account and sent out a bunch of fraudulent e-mails under my name. If you received an e-mail from me with incomprehensible headings like “flarking,” “aihuighauhih,” “TLOVENELLY,” “tiffany.lee2,” “vnorward,” “tricey.94,” “1145089.927,” “phunkedbydabass,” etc., I’m sorry—but I did not send you these spam messages and advise you to please just trash them without even opening them. Until I can get this security problem fixed, I’m suspending private reminder e-mails to readers as new Diary entries are posted (messages to those who subscribed through WordPress will not be affected). My apologies to everyone who has come to rely on these daily reminders and will miss them; I’ll let you know here when I resume the service.

Sorry Pennsylvania Justice  The Pennsylvania Superior Court will not hear arguments until March 28 over whether Jordan Brown should be released from detention while the same court decides whether to allow his juvenile trial to be open to the public. Attorneys for Jordan Brown, who is now 14 and has been in the Edmund L. Thomas Adolescent Detention Center in Erie for three years, say he should be immediately released because he has been detained too long without a juvenile trial. Jordan’s delinquency hearing had been scheduled in September but was delayed by appeals filed by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and the New Castle News to open the proceeding. A three-judge panel heard arguments on behalf of the newspapers last month but has no timeline to make its decision. Lawrence County judge John Hodge denied a writ of habeas corpus in October, which prompted Jordan’s attorneys to file an appeal with the Superior Court. The Juvenile Law Center of Philadelphia is assisting Jordan’s attorneys with this appeal.

Sorry Florida Justice  Alex King was transferred early Monday morning from the Escambia County Jail to FDOC’s Northwest Florida Reception Center. He will be there at least a month while they sort him into a classification prior to sending him to a prison where he will serve out his unjust sentence. Alex can receive mail while he is there. His address is:

Alex King (P20435)
NW Florida Reception Center
4455 Sam Mitchell Drive
Chipley, Florida 32428-3597

Sorry Pack of Pirates  The corporatist privatizers are no doubt tearing out their hair in grief, but this news is cause for celebration. The Florida Senate narrowly defeated a bill this week that would have handed over management of more than two dozen state prisons to private corporations. Read about it at:

No Remorse  Now this is very interesting and important, and I urge you to please take the time to read this excellent article about the impact that a child’s perceived emotions can have on the outcome of a case against him or her: You won’t be sorry.


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