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time machine

It’s been an annoying day—I won’t go into the details except to say events have reinforced the wisdom of my decision to live in physical isolation away from people—and I’ve been partaking in a little music therapy tonight.

You know, soul music from the days before black kids were gunning one another down  in epidemic numbers in our city streets… ’60s girl groups like the Shirelles, Martha and the Vandellas, Diana Ross and the Supremes… music that is nothing like today’s angry, misogynistic fare.

But the music that has put me in the best mood (and please don’t gag) is disco, because it takes me back to a time immediately before Holly was struck down by MS and everything changed; when we used to go dancing at the only disco in town, a gay nightclub, in the days before gay people enjoyed the level of tolerance they have achieved today. That was forty years ago and we were carefree, adventurous kids at the beginning of married life.

The following years were rich and beautiful in ways we could not have imagined then, because we had no idea of the adversities we would face together until the time of Holly’s death. But I still cherish the memories of those early years before we were tested… the memories of my dancing bride  these songs reanimate.

I sound like a sentimental old codger, don’t I? 


Grooves of the Day 

Listen to The Hues Corporation performing “Rock the Boat”

Listen to Alicia Bridges performing “I Love the Nightlife”

Listen to The Pointer Sisters performing “Jump”