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heat wave—and getting hotter!

I hope you folks who are still shoveling snow won’t hate me for telling you this, but last night was the first night in my (failing) memory that I slept with the windows open and without propane burning. Glory hallelujah.

Oh, I have no illusions. There will be more cold weather after this, but last night is a major milestone.

Another—and I heard it on the street—is that, barring any more interference from the state inspector, Jerry and Eva are hosting a Sunday night supper this weekend and will reopen the Grub Shack next Monday morning after their year-long forced hiatus, thanks to Big Brother.

So life appears to be improving and getting easier and more agreeable for those of us out here who are not evading Obama’s ICE agents and secret police.

It’s Leap Year and I’m going to take the day off from writing. I’ve got some phone work to do, plus it wouldn’t hurt to do a little work around the house. There’s a sink full of dirty dishes waiting for me.

Maybe you can find a good excuse to play hookey, too.


Groove of the Day 

Listen to Diana Ross and the Supremes performing “Heat Wave”


Blade Reed Update

A high official of the Indiana Department of Corrections (IDOC) called today and informed me that Wabash Valley Correctional Institution is removing Blade from solitary confinement today and returning him to the D Unit.

While this is a major step in improving the conditions under which Blade is being held, it is by no means a complete solution.  We will continue encouraging and pressuring IDOC to place Blade in a setting that is more appropriate for a young person with his particular disabilities and special needs.

The most important things you can do are to (1) sign the petition at the link below and (2) continue writing letters to officials, reminding them that the whole world is watching, and will continue to watch, until Blade is finally in a safe setting where he will receive the rehabilitative services he needs and is protected from any further sexual abuse and violence.

In addition to pursuing legal remedies, we will continue turning up the political heat until this situation is fixed. We are thankful for your help and support over the last few days in stoking the fires. We are also extremely thankful that top IDOC officials are taking this seriously and working with us in good faith.

We’re making progress. We are doing good things together. Blade is better off because of you. Thank you most sincerely.



It is 24+ hours since my conversation with the IDOC official, and Blade has still not been moved from solitary confinement. We have been unable to learn what exactly is going on within IDOC. It is a large bureaucracy and we have witnessed serious wrongdoing among the lower-level staff that is in violation of any number of laws, both state and federal.

You can be sure some elements of the organization are in a high-alert defensive mode. It is now more critical than ever that you sign the petition, write letters, and make phone calls to demonstrate to IDOC that whatever they may do will be happening in the full light of public scrutiny. This situation has moved into a high-stakes phase. Blade’s safety depends on you.

Please Sign the Petition!