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the real james

Here’s solid evidence of James Prindle’s character and potential.

James’  achievements and awards since he has been held in the adult Jail East in Memphis TN speak for themselves:

May, 2011 – James receives special privileges for good conduct and is given Pod trustee status.

May, 2011 – James receives a Certificate of Baptism. James was baptized at the jail, and the certificate now hangs in his future bedroom.

July, 2011 – James receives an award for 9 month perfect conduct, giving him special privileges.

October, 2011 – James receives one year perfect conduct award. Only 2 other inmates have ever received this award before.

October, 2011 – James is asked to be weekend jail trustee, and he accepts. He is granted more special privileges.

January, 2012 – James becomes prayer leader for all staff/inmate functions. 

February 2012 – James is asked to be weekend Sheriff cruiser detailer, allowing him even more outside privileges. Only the most trusted inmates are asked to be part of this program.

March, 2012 – James receives perfect attendance award for GED classes.

May, 2012 – James receives 18 month perfect conduct award.

May, 2012 – James receives an award for passing 10th grade equivalency.

May, 2012 – James receives perfect attendance award for anger management class

May, 2012 – James receives award for passing anger management class.



James, congratulations on all your accomplishments! We at The Redemption Project are very proud of you.

~ Dan Dailey     ~ Stephen Sydebotham



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