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run forrest run

I’ve been working today on a couple cases about which I cannot write at this time. I will only say that sometimes I feel like a leaf being swept downstream by cosmic forces beyond my control.

The final visitor count two days ago was 102,230. Flash in the pan. Mostly tourists. The next day’s visits were 3,758. Now visitor traffic is back to our normal daily range of 500-800 and climbing.

Yet I figure we got at least 200 new people to take a deeper look at the Diary and discover the stories of our real work on behalf of kids. Plus, this absurd number of visitors is a reminder that there’s a large audience out there needing to be awakened to the startling realities of what the System is doing to our children.

Two days ago I heard the newest schoolyard game is called, “Who’s Going to Arrest You?” It’s no wonder with the increase in the numbers of armed hall guards in the public schools. Our kids are being conditioned from the very beginning to live under the watchful eyes of authority, to tow the line, obey or else. Instead, they should be taught to be free.

Using mindless, gutless “Zero Tolerance” rules as a shield for public officials, whole subsets of our school population are being fast-tracked for enrollment in the criminal justice system and its grinding apparatus of punishment, control, and forced slave labor. It’s called the School-to-Prison Pipeline, and it’s a very real institution—completely driven by money.

Then there are twisted and evil characters like Jefferson Sanders, “El Dudarino Dude”,  and any number of crooked cops, prosecutors, and judges we run across regularly in the course of our work. Their ubiquity would be demoralizing and debilitating if I allowed myself to dwell on this legion of minions.

Sometimes the only way to deal with What-Is is to click into my “Run Forrest Run” mode, and just steady on forward, oblivious to the sharp obstacles being thrown in the way.

Steady on. Blissful and fearless, just like Forrest.


“When I got tired, I slept. When I got hungry, I ate. When I had to go, you know, I went.”

~ Forrest Gump




Groove of the Day 

Listen to Alan Silvestri’s soundscore for Forrest Gump, “Run Forrest Run “