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I told Stephen Sydebotham to stay away from kids and to cease his “advocacy” work or we were going to wreck his life, but he apparently didn’t believe me. We’re learning from multiple sources that Sydebotham is playing sick mind games with James Prindle and continuing to solicit money from people.

Sydebotham is actually telling James that supporters are falling by the wayside, and that it is James’ fault, not his. He has intercepted letters from James to at least one of his foreign supporters (letters which he was to have forwarded for James) in order to create the false impression that people on the outside are losing interest, and that only one person—Sydebotham, of course—is standing by the boy.

His ploy has unraveled. James knows that Sydebotham has been unfaithful and has been trying to manipulate him with lies. Sydebotham has now lost any hope of achieving his twisted ends.

Our investigation continues and Sydebotham’s methods are becoming crystal clear. Now that we understand the “logic” of his perversions we know how to stop him.


Stephen, I know you are reading this post and I’m telling you that you have tested us for the last time. I told you to back off from kids and you’ve been heedless of my warnings. Now you’ll reap the consequences.

Your world is closing in on you. This is the portal of no return.

Welcome to Hell, “Reverend Stephen.”



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