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According to the Associated Press: The National September 11 Memorial and Museum at the World Trade Center is an awesome spectacle that has attracted some 4.5 million visitors in its first year. But all that magnificence comes with a jaw-dropping price tag. The foundation that runs the memorial estimates that once the roughly $700 million project is complete, the memorial and museum will together cost $60 million a year to operate.

By comparison, the National Park Service budgeted $8.4 million this year to operate and maintain Gettysburg National Military Park and $3.6 million for the monument that includes the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor. Running Arlington National Cemetery, which has more than 14,000 graves and also receives 4 million visitors a year, costs $45 million annually.

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If you read the post I published on last year’s anniversary of this national tragedy (, you already know that I believe Nine-Eleven was a controlled demolition, a “false flag attack,” which was carried out to engineer an erosion of our freedoms. The physical evidence–the nanothermite in the ruins, the news recordings of multiple secondary explosions in the buildings, the perfection with which the buildings were pulled down into their own footprints–is overwhelming, but it is being “buried” by propaganda including this magnificent memorial park and museum where we are being manipulated into celebrating our loss of freedoms.

No expense is apparently too great to achieve this aim. And even though the names of the 2,819 known dead are inscribed in stone at the memorial, the fact that these people may prove to be the last to have died free in America is being forgotten.

For all of them I offer this aria in solemn remembrance, my family’s funeral song.


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As if real estate developer Larry “Pull It” Silverstein doesn’t stand to make enough ($4.6 billion in insurance awards) from the demolition of the Twin Towers, there was a report on the radio tonight (September 11) that Silverstein’s lawsuits against United and American Airlines for nearly $3 billion in damages are going forward. Silverstein blames the airlines for lax security, arguing they bear responsibility for his property damage.