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a chance to help

Derek King called me yesterday to ask if we would help him do something most kids have done years ago, and I of course said “yes.” Derek wants to buy a car.


A 2005 orange Dodge Neon, to be exact. It has 80,000 miles on it, has a Blue Book value of $4,100-$4,400, and Derek has agreed to pay $3,000 for it. Derek knows the owner and says it has been well cared for.

He has made the first $250 payment on it, and I said we would help.

This is your chance. Any amount will help. Please go to the top of this page, click through to either the Redemption Project or The King Brothers Trust, and make a note on your gift saying “car.”

This will lead to a better job (Derek works at a Subway sandwich shop right now) and a better life in general. It’s long overdue.

Thank you.


Groove of the Day 

Listen to Gary Numan performing “Cars”