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Jim Johnson - "Spirit Totem"

One of the impacts of the stroke is that I am reading much less and listening and watching more. A discovery I have made is the rich bounty of science and pseudo-science videos available on YouTube.

What excites me most right now are the videos which state that human prehistory is much older than mainstream archeologists allow.

According to writers like Michael Cremo and Graham Hancock, there is ample evidence in the scientific disciplines for mankind’s ancient roots dating back to at least 10,500 BC, but it has been ignored by mainstream people who are more comfortable believing the conventional view that our race is presently at its pinnacle of development. But I look at human development and ask, “Is this idiocy all there is?”

I want to share a couple links with you–maybe the weather will be bad this weekend wherever you are and create a “space” in which you can check them out. I would really like to know what you think.

The first of these links is Graham Hancock’s Quest for the Lost Civilization (1998). I like this link the best because Hancock is a good storyteller, and the film itself is shorter–broken into three one-hour segments.

The second of these links is to Ancient Knowledge (2013), and will give you an insight to how much at least one filmmaker (who remains nameless) has learned up to the present time. The whole film takes at least five hours and, at one point, a love of mathematics which I myself do not possess. However, if Hancock’s film hooks you, you’ll get a lot from this series of videos.

Where is all this going? You can see the answer to this by viewing what the powers-that-be do NOT want you to see. Again, I return to Graham Hancock’s TEDx talk, which is one of several recently removed from TED’s channel on YouTube.

The thing which the ancient–and lost–civilization and the future seem to have in common is that the Earth and its inherent powers is the common measure. A couple days ago I listened to a March 17, 2013 interview of Graham Hancock by the radio host Mike Ruppert, and Ruppert said something about the present War on Consciousness which resonated with me. He said that it is an assault of the Earth Exploiters on Gaia Consciousness.

If it is true, then I know which side I am on. Now it is time for all to decide.


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