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car wash

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Yesterday was a busy day on the phone for me. Derek called and we discussed some details regarding the car. Based on early returns and Paul Gingerich’s offer, I told Derek that we would be able to fund the entire purchase of the car. He in turn offered to repay the purchase over time, and I agreed.

I am so impressed with Derek’s determination to remain independent and help other kids less fortunate than he.

I also talked with Bill Kutmus and Trever Hook about the Noah Crooks case, which is due to commence later this month. Regardless of the result, I am convinced that Noah is receiving the best defense possible in an outrageous example of prosecutorial abuse of a child.

I also spoke a couple times with Paul Gingerich, who is closely monitoring donations to the Redemption Project. He is hopeful–as am I–that his challenge offer will be taken advantage of by readers of this blog. He is hopeful that, rather than being satisfied with mere “lip service” to the cause of juvenile justice, visitors will see this as a chance to create a legacy of justice for kids.

If you have not yet contributed, I encourage you to go to the top of this page and please click through to the Redemption Project to make a gift in any amount today.

Thank you.


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