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shelter in place


Forgive me for being contrarian or even paranoid, but is anyone uncomfortable with the lock-down that gripped, or was perpetrated yesterday, on Boston and several suburbs?

Over 300,000 people sat behind locked doors, all because thousands of militarized police were hunting for one young man.

The marathon bombing and the loss of life and limbs is a horrible thing, but isn’t this loss of freedoms in an historically important place an equally horrible thing?

I am extremely wary that so many people have been manipulated with fear by police–and so successfully, too. Seems to me that the terrorists–and I’ll leave it to you to decide who that is–have won.

Now that both suspects have been apprehended, no one will even care. But it should be noted that the breakthrough in capturing the second suspect alive only happened because the shelter in place order had been withdrawn. According to early news reports, it was a member of the general public who first alerted police to the blood evidence that ultimately led to the suspect’s capture.

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