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gideon’s promise

One of the fundamental things we see in this work is that young people seldom get effective legal representation in parricide cases. No one but you and me is looking out for them. This is why a major aspect of this work is raising the necessary funds to make effective counsel a reality.

I could write about this problem until I am blue in the face and never touch the effectiveness of Bryan Stevenson as a spokesman for the remedying of this problem. He appeared in March on Bill Moyers’ PBS talk show, and I invite you to please take the time to view Stevenson’s interview. It will take about a half-hour of your time.


Then take less than three minutes to hear where Bill Moyers has landed on this issue. It is the very least you can do.


As Bryan Stevenson says, a guilty defendant with money stands a better chance of receiving justice than an innocent defendant who is poor. You are helping to even the odds for a small minority of defendants, and I thank you for it. But this is not as our system should be.


Groove of the Day 

Listen to Ramblin’ Thomas performing “Poor Boy Blues”