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it’s not you

masquerade 3

Yesterday’s post got quite a reaction; it pissed some people off.

I received at least one e-mail from a volunteer–my best volunteer–wondering if I was talking about him. No, I wasn’t. He comments regularly on the blog, and the transgressor has fallen off the face of the earth and is long gone. Remember, we’re talking “scorched earth” here. I will probably never hear from this person again.

Quite a few of you asked me to reconsider my decision, or at least to review it in a month. People seem to think there’s tremendous value to volunteers.

But in my own defense, let me say that the only times I have relied on volunteers for anything but corresponding with kids, I have been ripped off very seriously. Instead of taking the work to a new level, it has been set back considerably. Plus there has been the mental anguish and the lost time and resources of dealing with snakes and fraudsters like Steven Sydebotham. It just isn’t worth it.

The trouble is meeting people through the Internet. With its reliance on anonymity, even the worst scumbag in the world can present himself/herself convincingly as anything they wish. It is like a big masquerade ball where no one is truly accountable. It takes time and investment to surface the truth.  The promise and the reality rarely match.

Does anyone have the time for that? I certainly don’t. After my stroke, my energy is even more limited than before.

The needs of the kids must always come first. If I make a commitment to getting something done, it will be done (unless I drop dead first). There is no guesswork.

Now if I am wrong about this, you tell me. But there’s no room any more for empty promises.


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