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made my day

Yesterday she made my day when Pamela Eversole, Austin’s mom, called. She was calling to say how well the filming of Austin, his family and friends, had gone this week for the documentary film I had facilitated. It was the first time Pamela and I had spoken, and I felt good about it on many levels.

I’m not going to trouble you with the details–there will be plenty of time for those–but the conversation about Austin confirmed that my intuition about the kid was right. If we go to the mat for this kid, we will succeed in some big way. I know it. He is worth the investment of effort, time, and money.

Even though kids like Austin are in prison, they are not criminals. They are survivors. They have done society a service by removing from it one of its monsters, an abuser. But how does our justice system repay them? With harsh punishment.

Instead of punishing the perpetrator of abuse, who is now dead, the system creates someone else to punish. It goes after a kid.

This isn’t justice. It’s bullying.

I don’t know what we’ll be able to do for Austin. A lot of time has passed since the trial and we have only begun to look for a good Texas appeals lawyer. I’ve made no promises other than helping Austin get his story out. But we will try to do more.


Groove of the Day 

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