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firm dates


Yesterday Monica Foster called and among other things, she told me we have firm dates for Paul Henry Gingerich’s new waiver hearing: August 13 and 14.

By that time, at least two other things will have happened that will once again catapult this case onto the “front pages” of media and public consciousness.

The first is that the judge will probably have ruled on a motion from the prosecution, filed on May 6, to submit Paul Henry to a three-week psychological evaluation at Cedarbridge Youth Center in Muncie IN. Special Judge James Heuer from Whitley County Juvenile Court has taken under advisement a motion filed by Kosciusko County Prosecutor Dan Hampton.

Cedarbridge was supposedly chosen because of its proximity to the Pendleton Juvenile Facility (where Paul Henry is being held). But the facility has been described to me as a “hell-hole” and as a possible set-up by Hampton. Late last year Cedarbridge had serious issues in their state inspections and licensing evaluations; the initial inspection was cut short and continued, and the facility passed only after three visits, with major concerns to yet be corrected.

Hampton noted in his request that, through the course of the appellate process, Paul Henry argued insufficient time was established for having mental evaluations conducted by the defense. In his filing Hampton said, “the State of Indiana believes that the juvenile intends to offer mental evaluation reports of him to this court and, in an interest of justice, the State of Indiana should have the same opportunity.”

If this is a legitimate concern, then why has the state taken all this time to request an evaluation? Why did it not evaluate the 12-year-old that Paul Henry was 3½ years ago, rather than the 15-year-old he is today? Seems to me that train left the station a long time ago and that it can’t be called back.

The second thing that will have happened is that A&E’s Bio will have aired Zara Hayes’ film in July, Murder in Enchanted Hills… but no firm date has been set. If the response to the English version of the film is any indication, the reaction will be overwhelming.

There will be other developments, too, but we will wait to inform you of those as they occur.


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