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The Hobbit House

Have I ever told you how happy this work makes me feel?

So much of the time we focus on the negative aspects of the work: the injustices suffered by the children whom society should be embracing and helping (but is not); hateful prosecutors who seem more concerned with winning than doing what’s right; children in prison who are being tormented, even raped, by the authorities who should be protecting them; et cetera. Unnecessary suffering that makes your blood boil with anger.

Articles have been appearing over the last several days about how our appeal of Paul Henry Gingerich’s unfair sentence has influenced a change in Indiana law. But while important, it is not the new “blended sentencing” that goes into effect July 1st that rings my chimes.

Have I told you how wonderful it makes me feel to have sent Derek King a check so he can buy a car? Or to have sent Alex King a game that will help him pass his remaining months of bleak imprisonment more quickly? Or to have sent Nathan Ybanez a gift of books on Buddhist spirituality, priced beyond his reach, that his girlfriend says will make him shed secret tears of joy when he receives them?

Because of our lifetime commitment to juvenile parricides, we are involved in the realization of their dreams. Lone Heron, a woman who killed her abusive parents nearly a quarter-century ago, is building a “Hobbit Hut,” pictured above, with our encouragement. It is a dwelling-place on wheels, Lone Heron’s symbol of freedom that will one day reside–maybe for a brief time, maybe longer–at Estrella Vista.

These are not my dreams, but those of the people we serve. Freedom is not one vision, but many. And your continued support is making such visions possible. Without you, they would not be coming true.

Thank you.


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