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fly on the wall


I hope you’ll permit me to vent.

One of the trade-offs of having an extended season of warm weather is that our fly season appears to go on forever. And the last few days have been just terrible, fly-wise. The presence of the little black (biting) beasts have been driving Alex and me NUTS.

Killing flies has been our principle activity over the last few days. The floor is littered with the carcasses of dead flies, and more than one flyswatter has been shattered. It is almost bad enough that we’re both wishing we had screens on the windows, though I imagine that screens would do a better job of keeping the pests in (rather than keeping them out).

There has been so much news on the radio over the last few days about the Ebola crisis, I wonder if flies aren’t responsible for the spread of the disease? They’re malevolent enough that it wouldn’t surprise me.


Groove of the Day

Listen to XTC performing “Fly on the Wall”