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a reason to vote

This is the five-minute video that got Judge Andrew Napolitano fired from Fox Business News. He is still a pundit on Fox News, but his wings have been severely clipped, his time on the air radically reduced.


According to Alex Jones, the real behind-the-scenes reasons Napolitano was fired are three:

1. The White House, through Media Matters, is “blackmailing” News Corp. and pressured Napolitano’s firing.

2. Nepolitano’s popularity has become too great and a threat to the administration’s globalist ambitions.

3. A year ago, Nepolitano said the official story of 9-11 is a fraud and should be investigated.

I am no fan of Fox News. Every time I see it (during our weekly visits to town) I think, how unattractive and even repulsive the people are who staff the Fox programs on the big screen at the motor lodge. Every time I have the overwhelming impression that we viewers are being fed a controlled message which follows Big Money’s partisan, political agenda. Because the motor lodge only airs Fox News, I don’t have first-hand knowledge of the other channels’ control of the message, but I know it is the case.

There should be a diversity of opinion on all news networks, otherwise the media only contribute to political polarization and gridlock. Without true diversity of opinion, none of the established media can have any credibility and are to be believed only by sheep and fools.

Longtime readers with good memories will recall that I sat out the last couple election cycles out of frustration with politicians, the system, and the political process. I was wrong. As I see the direction that most things are going, I see that becoming uninvolved in the political process is precisely what the message-controllers desire. They want us to be frustrated. They want us to accept that what we want from government doesn’t matter. They want us not to vote because they know that for the average guy, the vote is the only voice we have. They want our silence.

Well, they’re not going to get that from me any more. I already voted a week ago in early voting. Maybe my vote doesn’t count for much, but it does give me the right to complain. And complain I will.

And no one can fire me for anything I say.


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