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screaming in the morning

Hip Hop Tattoo

It’s official: I have turned into what I always vowed I wouldn’t. An old fogey.

Last week, Alex’s ear buds (less than a $15 purchase) crapped out, and all of a sudden I am hearing what had thankfully been the boy’s private world of sound. It’s been driving me nuts ever since.

There has been audio competition with the dialogue to my chosen films and TV shows. Endless repetition of the same song loops at night. Screaming in the morning. As necessary as coffee. Whatever it takes to jump-start Alex at the beginning of the day or put him into a “zone” at night.

Like I said: an old fogey.

I like to think of myself as a tolerant person, but there are certain “vibes” I have heretofore kept out of my world because they are just too abrasive. Head-banger music. Heavy metal. Screaming, violent music. Rap.

When Alex’s ear buds still worked, Estrella Vista had remained a heaven-on-earth. A good place to think. Now? Well, quite the opposite.

Like I said: an old fogey, and a cheapskate, too.

I cannot imagine why (until this morning) I had not asked Alex to just order a new pair of earbuds. Or why this hadn’t become a priority for him. They can be here in a couple days, plus they’re only twelve-and-a-half bucks. A small price to restore heaven.

Alex, on the other hand, is in a world of sound that I find very caustic. It is what he knows. It fits with the aggressive side of his nature. He says he finds it motivating.

Far be it from me to try and change his tastes. I would not be successful, plus he would resent me for trying. Many young people cannot imagine their music isn’t universally appealing. They cannot imagine that they may one day outgrow it, just as we did.

This is the song that I heard close to a hundred times last night.


Groove of the Day

Listen to Sia performing “Free The Animal”