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copacetic 2

As I read through the readers’ comments to yesterday’s post, I have the impression that I left some things unsaid which may have created the impression that the problem was greater or more unresolved than it was.

It is not my style to talk about problems until they are resolved. This one has been definitely fixed to the greatest possible extent at this point in time.

Alex did his dirty dishes and even put them away. He did an excellent, non-half-assed job, and I thanked him for it. In the course of the day, I washed some of his things, and he thanked me for doing so, too. It was as if an oppressive pall had been lifted from our interactions. The old friendliness is restored.

Yesterday my friend Dusty called and expressed interest in what had been going on. He asked me if Alex had seen yesterday’s post, and I replied that he saw it before it was published and had an opportunity to input. Dusty said that he was impressed that Alex was willing for me to air our disagreement, and commented that such practical experiences could be valuable “teaching moments” for young people who grew up the way that Alex did.

He asked me to convey to Alex that most people who read this blog are not interested in judgment or assigning blame, but are supportive and “in it together with him.”

They know that prison is a tough place to learn and practice cooperation.

They know this shouldn’t count against them.


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