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Yesterday my neighbor Whitebear drove over to fetch Alex and me for a visit at his home. We were there from about noon until the sun began to sink behind the mountains.

He wanted to show me the progress he’d made building his house, an elaborate hacienda-type structure that is the home of his dreams. He flies the flag of the American Indian Movement. He seemed impressed when I told him I had once met with Vernon Bellecourt, one of the leaders of AIM.

He shares the house with his wife Julie and a large number of animals that include dogs and cats, horses, chickens, turkeys, turtles, etc. He has cultivated a bounty of fruit trees and plants that supplement his diet. His property is also home to wild deer, antelope, and large cats of various species. While there, we even saw the tracks of a mountain lion.


This is a little old, but here is a slide show showing his property:


I don’t see Whitebear very often—he keeps most people at a distance—but I consider him one of my closest friends out here. One reason he invited me to his home is that he was placing some ashes from our mutual friend Michael in a small chapel he had built, and he knew I would appreciate being a part of that. I left an offering of a single menthol cigarette, which was a favorite of our departed friend.

Another reason he invited us to his home is he wanted an opportunity to meet Alex. I’m glad Alex had an opportunity to visit Whitebear’s because it gave Alex an opportunity to see what is possible living off the grid. Even for us.

Whitebear has lived in this country longer than I have, and he has had more money to work with, too. The visit demonstrated to Alex that it needn’t be as austere and simple as the lifestyle we have so far achieved.


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