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The other night, I watched the PBS documentary, Dorothea Lange: Grab a Hunk of Lightning, which was directed and narrated by Lange’s granddaughter Dyanna Taylor. I have featured Lange’s images before on this blog, but I was inspired by the film to collect more examples of her work.

Dorothea Lange (1895–1965) was an influential American documentary photographer and photojournalist, best known for her Depression-era work for the Farm Security Administration and her depiction of the wartime internment of Japanese-Americans at Manzanar Internment Camp. Lange’s photographs humanized the consequences of these tragedies and influenced the development of documentary photography.

I think she was one of the greatest photographers of the 20th century. She has more than her share of iconic images to her credit. And she seems always to have been able to see the beautiful in the ordinary. She also had a very cool station wagon.



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PS: I usually don’t provide links on this blog to commercial websites, but I received an email from a very polite young man asking me to link to the blog of his employer, Artsy, which gives you an opportunity to browse over 40,000 artists and even buy representative works. For example, as of this date (November 10, 2015) Artsy provides a portal to two galleries offering prints of “Migrant Mother” for sale. Check it out.