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Ehwaz 2

Today is the first day of the fortnight (March 30–April 13) governed by the rune Ehwaz. Its phonetic value is “E” and its name literally means “horse.”

In both its physical form and poetic meaning, Ehwaz is the rune of combination. It is usually associated with twins, brother- and sisterhood, and the intuitive bond between a horse and its rider.

Positioned as it is at the beginning of the Creative Aett and the creative phase of the cycle of transformation, Ehwaz reminds us that so much progress in our lives relies on our ability to work with others.

The relationship between humans and horses is based on mutual trust and respect. As any experienced horseman or horsewoman will tell you, this trust must be earned. Heroes in Germanic lore treated their horses almost as equals, not just a means for getting around—and, more often than not, their horses returned the favor.

Thus, the essential wisdom of Ehwaz, especially relative to our relationships with others, is about doing everything we can to ensure trust and loyalty and—more essential yet—love between us and those with whom we partner.

I’m not one to beat a dead horse; this pretty much says it all. But as most people who have spent any time at all on this planet can tell you, it’s easier said than done. Most people spend their entire lives searching for trust, loyalty, and love.

If you’ve found it, never let it go—and do everything you can not to betray or lose it.


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