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The case of C, thoroughly covered in this blog, is finally getting some traction in the media outside of Lawrence County PA. On June 4 papers were filed in Pittsburgh federal court for the Habeus Corpus release of C from captivity.

In the story below, C has been mischaracterized as a “runaway,” but he is unlike most garden-variety runaways you might picture (except for the abuse he has suffered at the hands of his mother and her family). Unlike most runaways, his parents have always known exactly where he is. His only “crime” is defying a judge’s order to reside with his mother, where experience shows he will be battered again. In a world where some kids resort to murder to end the abuse, C is my hero. I admire his willingness to suffer incarceration as a criminal rather than submitting to more abuse.

He prefers to live with his father, identified for the first time in this report as Dr. Kevin Thomas, with whom he will be safe. If you want to see the KDKA report where Dr. Thomas is interviewed on camera, click here.



Teen Locked Up After Running Away From Mom; Dad Files Suit To Get Him Released

by Ralph Iannotti, KDKA-TV

June 4, 2015

A Westmoreland County man has filed a lawsuit in Federal Court in Pittsburgh in an effort to get his 14-year-old son out of a detention facility in Lawrence County.

The boy, identified in court papers by the initials C.T., has been confined to the Krause Youth Shelter in New Castle since early April.

The teen has never been charged with a crime. But he has run away from his mother’s home in the New Castle-area repeatedly because of what he calls panic attacks.

A Lawrence County judge assigned the boy to Children and Youth Services, and the boy ended up at the shelter.

His father, Kevin Thomas, told KDKA-TV’s Ralph Iannotti that he and the teen’s mother get to see C.T. one hour each week.

“My son doesn’t deserve this; he’s a great kid,” said Thomas. “My son very much wants out; he wants to be safe.

“He has no visitors there,” he added. “His mother and I get to see him for one hour each per week, but no friends, no outside… no other family. His education itself has really been left to, ‘you’re a smart kid, do it yourself.’”

Thomas’ lawyer, Pittsburgh attorney Richard Sandow, says a habeas corpus lawsuit was filed Thursday in U.S. District Court on behalf of Thomas because his client was getting no satisfaction from state courts.

“The boy is not a threat to anybody,” Sandow said. “He’s not a threat to run away, except he won’t stay with his mom because of the panic attacks.”

According to the lawsuit, “the boy is a prisoner of the Commonwealth, locked away without trial. He’s been denied education and religious studies.”

“Any father would be proud to have a boy like mine as their son,” Thomas said, “and it’s not right how my boy is being treated since he’s committed no crime and nor has he been charged with any wrongdoing.”


Ralph Iannotti is an investigative and general assignment reporter for KDKA-TV. Ralph is known for his no-nonsense style and his track record of being first to break major stories. It’s great that he has focused on this story about the judicial corruption rampant in Lawrence County, and that a heroic young boy has shown him the way.


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Although it is not a part of the story of C, this is another story about the corrupt courts of Lawrence County. And then, of course, there is the thoroughly outrageous story of Jordan Brown, consisting of many posts, but summarized here.


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