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I had very nearly reached the end of my rope with Facebook—an over-saturation of pictures featuring cute kittens, puppies, and dogs; “profound” words of wisdom posted (not authored) by people who have managed to screw up their lives as far as I can see; endorsements of political views that bear no similarity to my own; food dishes I have no hope of preparing here; invitations to waste my time playing mindless games; “inspirational” sayings that verge on the saccharine—and I had reached the conclusion that I should cancel my Facebook account.

Then someone posted this ad, and I decided for the time being that Facebook should be given one more temporary stay.




gradLast week at Indiana’s Pendleton Juvenile Correctional Facility, Paul Henry Gingerich graduated in cap and gown from high school. Paul was 12 when he was sentenced to prison; he is now 17. He earned his official high school diploma behind bars. He will soon start college courses online. His family was present.

But don’t look for his immediate release to a halfway house.

In the five years that he has been incarcerated, he has received no therapy—at first because of his pending appeal, but now because he doesn’t want to revisit the crime. His counselor feels it is too high-risk to release him until he is properly prepared for freedom. So we will see how it plays out.



george_carlin_unraveling_a_free_speech_iconLast month was the seventh anniversary of George Carlin’s death at age 71. I can hardly believe we have survived so long without the grounding influence of his comedy and social commentary.

If you, like me, occasionally need a “Carlin fix” to get through the bullshit of life (his words and sentiment), perhaps you will enjoy hearing this routine called “Free-Floating Hostility.”

If you’re at work, you’d better use your earphones. Otherwise, the people around you won’t get anything done for about twenty minutes—and it will be your fault.



I just received a message from Clemens Unit prison in east Texas, where we have four young parricides. The temperature in the cells is reportedly 120°, and the prison has been on lockdown. Cruel and unusual punishment? I think it qualifies.



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the ugly american

If only people cared this much about our parricide kids.


Feds concerned, protesters angry over MN dentist killing Cecil the lion

by  Jon Collins and Peter Cox, Minnesota Public Radio
July 29, 2015

Several dozen protesters gathered Wednesday at the Bloomington dental practice of a man who hunted and killed a beloved lion in Zimbabwe, with some calling for him to face justice.

Dr. Walter James Palmer, 55, is also facing calls that he be held accountable for poaching.

Palmer of Eden Prairie was identified on Tuesday as the hunter who killed Cecil the lion, a popular attraction and research subject at Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park.

Zimbabwean authorities said the lion was lured out of the protection park and shot with a bow and arrow around July 1. The hunters found the wounded animal 40 hours later, killed him using a firearm. They then skinned, beheaded the lion and took off his GPS tracking collar.

cecil-the-lion-was-brutally-killed-by-a-minnesota-dentist-officials-say-1438103176The killing sparked outrage online, locally and across the ocean, with Zimbabwean authorities charging the hunting guide and owner of the land where the lion was killed with poaching. A Zimbabwean police spokesperson has said that Palmer may face charges.

Palmer said in a statement that he would cooperate with Zimbabwean and U.S. authorities in any inquiries. He said he did not realize that Cecil was a 30816009_Stillpopular animal and believes the hunting guides he hired had obtained all necessary legal permits.

People have been leaving notes and stuffed animals at the Bloomington site of Palmer’s dental practice since news of his involvement emerged. The practice has been closed since Tuesday.

While some 1,700 people had said on Facebook they rhinoplanned to attend, the numbers weren’t close to that. There were, however, throngs of media.

A few protesters held signs, including one that said, “Let the hunter be hunted!” and another that said, “Extradite Walter Palmer.”

Sarah Madison brought her two children, including her 3-year-old son dressed in a lion costume and carrying a sign that said, “Protect me. Don’t hunt me.”

Madison says the hunt, even if legal, was “immoral” and “disgraceful.”

Local artist Mark Balma also was outside the office, painting a large picture of an African lion he intends to donate to an organization that protects animals.

PalmerDentistOfficeRiverBluffDentalMazan“We wanted to go to his dental practice because he’s ostensibly a member of the community,” said Dallas Rising of the Animal Rights Coalition, who is sponsoring the protest. “We wanted people to know that this is where he is and this is what he’s done so they can make informed decisions about whether they want to support his practice.”

Cecil, a lion well-known to tourists in Zimbabwe, was killed on July 1, 2015.

Cecil’s death and the role of a Minnesota hunter in it has sparked outrage locally and around the world.

Animal rights advocates hope that the attention to the Cecil’s killing will lead to concrete political actions and more awareness about poaching.

515f85d5cb28432db62c899631c0c912-0ca3154cfabb4c1eab677e8c26c92f54-0“Of course our organization is concerned about the well-being of all animals, part of what made this particular case so personal for people is the fact that Cecil had a name, and he had an identity and that he was viewed as an individual,” Rising said. “It’s important for us to remind people that all of the animals in our world are individuals and they all deserve to live free of violence from human beings.”

Edward Chidothe is a native of Zimbabwe now living in the Twin Cities.

He said to many people from Zimbabwe, the lion is a symbol of southern Africa.

“It was beloved both as a mascot, it was a symbol people knew of, and it was a symbol of when you think about your home,” Chidothe said. “It’s both losing something you identify with your home, but also the way it was lost.”

Others from Zimbabwe, Chidothe said, have questioned whether the locals who are currently facing charges will carry the full punishment for the killing of the lion while Palmer won’t be held accountable.

“Some folks use analogies of colonialism,” he said. “You have foreigners coming in and exploiting the resources and creating upheaval, and taking in a very violent manner and then disappearing with no accountability for the chaos it created.”

20150729_protest01_33Some online petitions have circulated calling for Palmer to be extradited to Zimbabwe to face poaching charges. Minneapolis Attorney Joe Tamburino said the United States and Zimbabwe have had an extradition treaty for felony-level crimes since the late 1990s.

“Zimbabwe would on their end, issue some sort of charge or warrant, and then ask the federal government here, I imagine through the State Department,” Tamburino said.

“Then they’d effect an arrest here in the United States and then get the individual to court here and then extradited to Zimbabwe.”

Extradition is not an automatic process, Tamburino said. In a situation where the accused has the resources to hire attorneys, the extradition process can be especially long and complex.

“The individual would be able to say to our government, ‘Look I’m an American citizen, I don’t think I should be extradited for whatever the legal argument they’re going to make,'” Tamburino said. “Then they’d get a fair hearing in court on that.”

The federal government could reject extradition for a number of reasons including humanitarian or legal objections, but American citizenship or wealth don’t automatically mean someone can avoid extradition.

“When you travel to another country, you should be absolutely sure you’re obeying those country’s rules and laws, because if you’re not, and they have an extradition treaty with us, you could be in trouble,” Tamburino said.

There are other possible legal repercussions facing Palmer, who did not respond to further requests for comment from MPR News.

Gov. Mark Dayton Wednesday weighed in on the killing of the lion calling it “horrible.”

“I’m just so disgusted with that man. To shoot any lion but to lure a lion like that out of the preserve and shoot him, how could anybody think that’s sport? It’s just appalling.”

Walter-James-Palmer-980x551Palmer is a member of the Pope & Young Club, which focuses on big game bow hunting in North America. The organization said in a statement posted to their website on Wednesday that they maintain high ethical and legal standards for members and are investigating the situation involving Palmer.

“Fair Chase is the ethical, sportsmanlike, and lawful pursuit of free-ranging wild game animals in a manner which does not give the hunter an improper or unfair advantage over the animal,” according to the organization’s statement. “As such, the Pope and Young Club does not condone any actions in violation of Fair Chase.”

Rep. Betty McCollum has said she is urging the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the Department of Justice to investigate whether Palmer violated any laws governing endangered species.

The US wildlife agency said in a statement that it was “deeply concerned,” gathering facts and would “assist Zimbabwe officials in whatever manner requested.”

McCollum also told MPR News host Kerri Miller on Wednesday that she was working on legislation to tighten anti-poaching laws in the United States.


Jon Collins is a reporter for MPR News. Peter Cox is a general assignment reporter for MPR News. The Associated Press contributed to this report.


TV talk-show host Jimmy Kimmel spoke about this incident in his monologue, and actually broke down.


The number of protesters at the dentist’s office has swelled from several dozen to over 150. The hunting organization Safari Club International announced that it had suspended the memberships of Palmer and his guide. It is possible that he will be forced out of business by the public outrage. Palmer said he would cooperate with officials, but the US Fish and Wildlife Service said it’s been trying repeatedly to reach Palmer and ask him questions about what happened, but hasn’t heard back. Late Thursday afternoon, Palmer’s representative contacted the US Fish and Wildlife Service, according to an agency spokesperson. Palmer is apparently still “in seclusion.” It is difficult not to take pleasure in the public backlash to his corrupt, extractive values.

Friday: Zimbabwe’s wildlife minister says extradition is being sought for Palmer. Oppah Muchinguri, environment, water and climate minister, told a news conference today: “We want him tried in Zimbabwe because he violated our laws. … Police should take the first step to approach the prosecutor general who will approach the Americans. The processes have already started.

“Unfortunately it was too late to apprehend the foreign poacher as he had already absconded to his country of origin,” Muchinguri said. “We are appealing to the responsible authorities for his extradition to Zimbabwe so that he be made accountable.”




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thorn 23.

This is the first day of the fortnight (July 29 – August 12) governed by the rune Thorn or Thurisaz. Its phonetic value is “Th” and it has two meanings. The first and oldest meaning is “devil,” possibly relating to the sharp horns and pitchfork so often shown in the devil’s images. Thorn is the late Anglo-Saxon name for the rune, and was probably called this because the shape of the rune so obviously looks like a thorn on a stem.



Thorn is named after the god Thor, who ruled the weather upon which farmers, fishermen and hunters depended and who, armed with his crushing hammer Mjöllnir, was the great defender against physical and spiritual dangers and preserver of cosmic order. Thor was said to have battled and defeated the Frost Giant Thurs.

Devil17In the narrowest sense, Thorn has the meaning of a demon, troll, or giant, all of which are beings endowed with immeasurable fierceness and danger to humans. Thorn is also the root of the name of an evil Frost Giant named Thurs, the figure of which survives today in the children’s fairy tale “Jack and the Beanstalk.”

All cultures have their anti-gods, and many have frost or ice beings representing cold, chaos, and danger.

But the Frost Giants occupy a more prominent position in the Germanic lore which arose at the end of the last Ice Age than in other mythologies.

Thorn literally denotes the resistant and protective qualities of the thorn tree. Thorn hedges are a practical means of preventing access to a piece of ground. Sacred enclosures in northern Europe were customarily surrounded by hedges of hawthorn or blackthorn. The thorn is a protective structure which passively operates as a deterrent against attack. The shape of the rune is sharp and cutting like a tooth or claw. The Old English Rune Poem tells us: The thorn is very sharp, an evil thing to grip, very grim for anybody who falls among them.

Thorn is, like Elhaz, first and foremost a protective rune. (Thorn is, in fact, located directly opposite Elhaz on the Runic Compass.) While Elhaz is an energy of active projection, Thorn is an energy of passive protection. Thorn is an energy that resists everything that threatens the natural cosmic order with chaos. It is an energy that subdues those forces detrimental to mankind’s instinctual life-urge.

I could never understand any of the runes and how they operate in the Universe until I was able to visualize these detrimental forces relative to Thorn. Thinking about Thorn, I came to the realization that we live in a world of chaotic energy waves. Chances are, wherever you are sitting now is being bombarded with hundreds, perhaps thousands, of vibration frequencies. Radio and TV stations, cell phone towers, power transmission lines, computers, cell phones, microwave ovens, etc.—all of these sources are creating subtle vibrations that are passing through the walls and through you. Many are harmful to your physical health, your mental well-being, and your spiritual growth. Some of these vibrations are even mentally generated by people who are jealous, fearful, and vindictive of you and wish for harm and reversals to be inflicted upon you.

There is not much you can physically do to stop all these detrimental energies. It is possible to install metal mesh shielding in the walls of buildings to reduce the EMF that radiates from nearby power lines. But energy waves from thousands of nearby sources are so endemic to the built environment, to escape them you would have to move into a wilderness and throw away all electrical and electronic devices. I have moved to the wilderness, but even here, this latter thing is something I cannot do. Yet it is not hopeless.

We human beings are ourselves individual “receivers” and “transmitters” of energy waves. If we can reach out and access the power of a particular rune—Thorn in this instance—we can become like old time crystal radio sets that drew their power from the air through antennas (they had no batteries and didn’t plug into an outlet) and generate desired outputs. By drawing the energy of Thorn through us, the rune provides the “programming” we need to bend, stretch, and deflect away from us detrimental, dangerous, and negative energies.

Whatever works to help one focus the mind on Thorn’s “program” is something to be considered and undertaken. This can be meditation, creating art, performing a ritual, etc. We will be experimenting with various techniques in the wilderness of West Texas.sltv6[1]

Many people wear protective amulets in the form of Mjöllnir, Thor’s hammer, to remind them of Thorn’s lessons. Its form is evocative of the rune’s shape. Owing to the sudden phenomenon of lightning which accompanies the sound of Thor’s hammer, this amulet reminds people to that it is possible to cause an immediate alteration in the way things are going. As such, Thorn can influence a change of fortune, good news, or an important and far-reaching decision to be taken.

Magically, this rune is evil when directly applied against another person. It can be used to call upon them confusion and destruction, to literally inflict the demon upon them. Used simply to embody evil, it can be fenced around by other protective runes and can play a part in removing evil from an afflicted individual or place.


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mandatory minimums

John Oliver just might make you passionately hate mandatory minimum sentences

 by Peter Weber, The Week

July 27, 2015


The main subject of Sunday’s Last Week Tonight was mandatory minimum prison sentences. And if that sounds dry and boring, John Oliver does a typically impressive job of making it relevant, entertaining, and infuriating. “Mandatory minimums require judges to punish certain crimes with a minimum number of years in prison, regardless of context,” Oliver explained. “Which is a little strange, because context is important.” He provided a salty example to prove his point.

These laws, passed mostly in the “anti-drug hysteria” of the 1980s and ’90s, are “partially responsible for the explosion of our prison population,” Oliver said. There is now a bipartisan consensus that they don’t work, have done more harm than good, and need to be repealed, he added, after gratuitously insulting all Australians but Hugh Jackman. “Ridiculously long sentences are not a great deterrent to crime. Prison sentences are a lot like penises: If they’re used correctly, even a short one can do the trick — is a rumor I have heard.”

Two dozen states have rolled back their mandatory-minimum laws, but haven’t made that retroactive. “And that’s terrible,” Oliver said. “Just think about how annoyed you get when people who get seated after you at a restaurant get served and leave before you—only in this case, the food is prison food, the restaurant is prison, and dinner takes 55 f—ing years.” The examples he shows of people caught up in these laws is the most powerful part, and if you tear up a bit, you’re not alone.


Peter Weber is a senior editor at, and has handled the editorial night shift since the website launched in 2008.


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both sides now

The Two Sides of the Same Coin

by Hat Bailey

No one can dispute the fact that we live in a world of duality. This is what makes perception possible. Without opposites nothing can be sensed or perceived. If you want a brighter white you will need a darker black with which to differentiate and perceive it. There is a graphic that demonstrates this:



Some of these opposites that illustrate the dualistic nature of the universe we inhabit are such things as cold/hot, high/low, the aforementioned white/black, big/small, sharp/dull, fast/slow, wet/dry and so on. What can be seen in some of these opposites is that one represents something, and the other the lack of something, so we can add present/absent to the list of opposites. For instance, darkness is the absence of light really, rather than the presence of an opposite to light. Same with wet/dry. In the first there is the presence of water, in the other is the absence of water.

One of the most problematic of these opposites is the duality good/bad. Here again I am thinking that with “good” something is present and with “bad” something is missing. What is the missing element? In my opinion it is love. This is why the Master said: “Perfect love casteth out all fear.”

We are taught as children that the opposite of love is hate, but I am sure this is a false dichotomy. It is based simply upon the fact that we have a real flaw in our language in regards to this often abused word “love.” The Inuit have scores of words for what we call snow. There is a word for slushy snow, crusted snow, powdery dry snow, and on and on. The Greeks had many words for what we call love. It is obvious that a woman’s love for a good pizza is not the same as a mother’s love for her child. Most of what is called “love” in our society is related more to the amount of desire or want of something that we deem pleasurable, necessary or enhancing to our well-being in some way. Sometimes it is a word used to describe a compulsion or obsession arising from unconscious fears and needs. Thus jealousy and a desire to dominate can be confused with love.

There is a kind of love the Greeks called Agape, which was different from romantic love, brotherly or familial love, or the love of good chocolate. It was a deep appreciation of the mere existence and beingness, for want of a better word, of some person, place or object. An unconditional affection and gratitude that something exists and a desire, without references to the personal self-concept, for it to be the most it can be, for its welfare and ultimate expression.

There is an African concept called “Ubuntu” which also is correlated to this kind of love. The zulu word Ubuntu refers to a feeling of gratitude and appreciation for the fact that I could not be myself without you. It implies an integral connection between everyone in community, in existence. The concept of the integral sovereign. In one sense this means I can’t be a good holy person unless there is somewhere someone being a rascally no-goodnik. Therefore, I should appreciate every sort of person because each one helps to define the unique aspect of the whole creation that I consider myself to be. It also places a great stress upon the equality of all men. There are other ways to put it of course:

“A person with ubuntu is open and available to others, affirming of others, does not feel threatened that others are able and good, (or bad) for he or she has a proper self-assurance that comes from knowing that he or she belongs in a greater whole and is diminished when others are humiliated or diminished, when others are tortured or oppressed.”




Personally I believe that there is a Real World beyond this holographic or dream-universe from which we originate. Life in that World is not dualistic and relies upon Knowing or Being rather than perception. In that World there is only Good, but it is not the “good” of this world which relies upon its opposite to have any meaning. The Good of that World is Love, which is beyond opposites. More enlightened people sometimes say the opposite to love is fear, but of course one of these is not Real but based upon a delusion or imaginary belief in loss or lack. Some have described fear as False Evidence Appearing Real, which is very accurate in an intellectual way.

In our world we have this belief in evil people and good people. Never realizing for a second, in most cases, that these are simply the two sides of the same coin. Ask yourself this, is it possible for you to have a one-sided coin? If you love the good person, then you must also love the bad person, mustn’t you? One is not possible without the other, and every single one of us humans inevitably have both of these aspects in various states of imbalance within us. Mostly we flip-flop from one to the other, from one part of our life to another, from one life to another.

As the Master said, “you have been taught that you should love your friends and hate your enemies. I tell you that you should love your enemies.” He might have added “because they make you what you are, they are a part of what you are. How can you know you are ‘righteous’ until you have confronted those who you believe are evil.”

We are taught to love the victim and hate the victimizer, yet both are two sides of the same human coin, and long experience tells us that one is quite likely to flip into the other at some point. In fact, many who are victims of verbal, physical, or sexual abuse as children are likely to become compulsively abusive as parents themselves later in this life, or another.

Both are caught up in an energy pattern that is causing both of them great pain, and both are deserving and greatly-needing compassion and love. This does not mean, of course, that intervention by those who are more sane is not needed to stop the abuse, but healing must take place on both sides as well. Simply adding pity and sympathy to one side, while adding punishment and pain to the other, will never cure the underlying problem. Understanding is the only real cure and it must begin with a program of forgiveness and realization of spiritual unity and the causes of imbalance, followed by reconciliation and restitution where needed.

A perpetrator cannot be one without there being someone with a victim-consciousness for him to prey upon. Now those who don’t believe in the spiritual and interconnectedness of all living will find this hard to believe, but there is a force that draws a victim to his victimizer and vice versa. A perpetrator will never victimize someone who does not have a deep inner compulsion to being a victim or enabler. I know this is hard to accept; and if you cannot, fine, perhaps you are a person who is not ready for this kind of teaching. That is alright.

What a person realizes eventually is that appearances not only can be, but are, deceiving in this world. We give ourselves rational-sounding reasons for what we do, where we go, and who we associate with. That is the purpose of the ego, to reassure us and lead us along in this delusion we call mortal life. But the fact is that most of our decisions and actions are guided by forces from deep within us. Compulsions arise from false concepts of who we are and what we have been.

I assure you that the Universe is essentially loving and just, because deep inside (though you doubt it) you are loving and just. You cannot be different from the Source from Whence you come. Why then does it seem that the innocent suffer abuse? It must be because they are born with a need to receive what they conceive of as justice. It must be because they are composed of imaginary bad as well as imaginary good, and are seeking balance.

If this world is an world of deception and illusion (which it is), what is the basic lie from which it and all its troubles extend? It is the lie of separation and the seeking of “specialness.” As wonderful as you are you can never be “special” in the way you seek. This is because your real identity is inseparably connected to all else, who must therefore share in any wonderfulness or terribleness there is about you. It belongs equally to everyone else. The more spectacularly you manifest your wonderfulness, the more the whole is exalted by it—it does not belong to you alone.



All are made alive and free by the same Spirit, yet each is perfectly equal. In a world where people seek to rise “above” their fellows in fundamental status or value through attempting to control and bridle the individual gifts and powers of their fellows for what they see as personal benefit, there is going to be trouble and the appearance of suffering and lack. Such individuals will also be compelled at some point to “play” the other side of the dualistic coin until the point at which they can forgive themselves and find balance and stability.

Forgiving “others” is the only really sincere form of forgiveness, and is where one should start, because forgiveness of oneself first can be seen as insincere and self serving. Forgiving others is forgiving yourself spiritually. So forgiving those you see as “enemies” is a good place to start. Forgiveness is humility, because it is seeing another differently. Seeing the “other” as oneself, just full of infinite potential, is just as worthy of infinite love.

For those then who have been abused, the healing must include seeing the abuser in a different way—as a part of themselves, acting compulsively and suppressing their self-hatred to appear uncaring and without feelings. Even if they were totally unfeeling, then there would also be nothing more to hate or despise than to hate a force of nature that has no choice in what it is, like a storm or an earthquake. It is simply another part of oneself that at some point must be integrated.

It is very simple really, but I can’t pretend, or promise you that it is easy, just that it is worth it.


Hat Bailey is the eldest in a family of nine kids raised in the ’60s in Bakersfield CA, and on the Jameson cattle ranch in the Tehachapi Mountains east of there. He served a two-year volunteer mission for the Mormon Church and graduated from BYU in Utah with a BS in psychology. He has metaphorically worn many hats, a few of them including: computer programmer, mental health rehab specialist, electrician’s helper, hard-rock underground copper miner, salesman, general manager of California Compost Corporation, swap meet business owner, resort maintenance manager, actor, taxi driver, long-haul truck driver, roofing business contractor. Hat presently lives off-the-grid in the Big Bend area of Texas working as rock mason and general handyman, and the shepherd of a small non-denominational Christian church.


duality 2.


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playground love



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Who are these people, anyway?

by Me

(I plugged in the above title as a placeholder for an earlier draft. But the more I researched this post, I decided that the “placeholder” was apt indeed, and should be preserved as a real title.

I know I usually use this format to designate a guest article or essay—but maybe it’s not such a bad idea that I should distance myself from the post’s conclusions, which get people like Alex Jones foaming at the mouth.)


I learned a long time ago that the Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha family had changed its name to “Windsor” during the reign of King George V by royal proclamation on July 17, 1917 (7/7/7). He supposedly made the name-change due to the anti-German sentiment in the British Empire during World War I. Now it appears that they’re not only German, but may be something far worse: Nazi-vampires.

According to the Romanian National Tourist Office, Prince Charles—heir presumptive of the thrones of a Commonwealth consisting of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland (The United Kingdom), plus about 32 countries around the world—claims distant kinship with Vlad the Impaler, the 15th century nobleman whose deeds inspired the vampire legend. Charles is a great grandson 16 times removed to Vlad the Impaler; his great grandmother Queen Mary, the consort of George V, traces her lineage back to Vlad IV, the half-brother of the notorious ruler.

“Transylvania is in my blood,” Charles said jovially in an interview on satellite television. “The genealogy shows I am descended from Vlad the Impaler, so I do have a bit of a stake in the country.” In 2006, he purchased a farmhouse in Viscri, a village in rural Transylvania, which is available as a guest house at certain times of the year. He is said to have even purchased the Castle Bran (where Vlad III lived), which thousands of tourists visit each year—but this may be an exaggeration. It is said he spends 6 months a year in Transylvania.



Another family link to Transylvania originated with Princess Marie of Edinburgh, a granddaughter of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, who went on to marry King Ferdinand I of Romania and ruled Romania after World War I.

The vampire legend is said to have been inspired by Vlad’s predilection for eating bread dipped in his victim’s blood. It has been claimed that porphyria, an iron deficiency which is also thought to lie behind the vampire myth, has run in the Royal Family for generations. Dracula means “son of the devil” in Romanian.




Vlad the Impaler. Died 1507.

– Half brother of: Vlad IV, known as Vlad the Monk. (1431 – 1495)

-Father of: Radu IV Prince of Wallachia from (1495 – 1508)

– Father of: Mircea the Shepherd. Prince of Wallachia. (1479 – 1560).

– Father of: Princess Stanca Basarab of Wallachia. (1518 – 1601).

-Mother of: Zamphira Logofat de Szazsebes. (Died 1602).

– Mother of: Adam Racz de Galgo. (Living 1609).

– Father of: Peter Racz de Galgo. (1583-1672).

– Father of: Christina Racz de Galgo.

– Mother of: Catherine (Katalin) Kuun de Osdola.

– Mother of: Ágnes Kendeffy de Malmoviz (born 1727).

– Mother of: Baron Gregor, Inczédy de Nagy-Várad (died 1816).

– Father of: Baroness Ágnes Inczédy de Nagy-Várad (1788-1856).

– Mother of: Countess Claudine Rhédey von Kis-Rhéde (1812-1841).

– Mother of: Francis, Duke of Teck. (1837–1900).

– Father of: Princess Mary of Teck, later the Queen consort of King George V (1867-1953).

– Mother of: George VI (1895 –1952).

– Father of: Queen Elizabeth II (1926).

– Mother of: Prince Charles (1948)


Now the media are going crazy since the British tabloid The Sun recently released a 1933 home movie from the Windsor archives showing the future queen (as a 7-year-old) giving the Nazi salute with her Uncle David (Edward VIII) and mother.



What will they come up with next? In the years leading up to World War II, it was a known fact that the former King Edward VIII (the Duke of Windsor) was an open admirer of the Germans and a sympathizer with the Nazi regime. During the war, Wallace and the former king were banished by the British government to Bermuda, where as governor of the islands, he could cause minimal mischief. But as the daughter of of David’s brother King George VI, the future Queen Elizabeth always demonstrated solidarity with Britain and its war aims. Her future consort Prince Philip of Greece, on the other hand, was educated in Germany and had cousins who were commanders in the SS and SA.

Prince Harry is famously known for having worn an armband and Afrika Korps costume to a 2005 “colonials and natives” party, also scooped by The Sun. “I’m very sorry if I have caused any offense,” the prince said in a statement. “It was a poor choice of costume, and I apologize.”
Princess Diana used to tell her friend Christine Fitzgerald that the Queen Mother was evil. “She actually used that word, ‘evil.’ She said she hated the Queen Mother and the Queen Mother hated her,” Ms. Fitzgerald said.
The Royal Family is even suspected of having murdered Princess Diana. Diana would almost certainly survived the car crash had she been taken immediately to one of the five major hospitals in the area. Instead, she suffered an inexplicable 1¾-hour delay from the time that the ambulance arrived at the crash site until she was delivered to the hospital only four miles away.
Princess Diana herself wrote a 1993 letter which she gave to her butler Paul Burrell as “insurance” only 10 months before her death: “This particular phase in my life is the most dangerous—my husband is planning ‘an accident’ in my car, brake failure and serious head injury in order to make the path clear for him to marry Tiggy. Camilla is nothing but a decoy, so we are all being used by the man in every sense of the word.” Tiggy Legge-Bourke is the former nanny to Princes William and Harry.
The family has let it be believed that Diana was as bonkers as the fictional Rosemary Woodhouse, and that her perception of what was going on should be ignored.


David Icke claims they’re reptilian shape-shifters (it taxes the imagination). More credibly, Alex Jones says they’re eugenicists, as disdainful and dismissive of us as of cattle in the fields. He says they’re intent on tricking us into acceptance of a future of slavery, radically-reduced populations, loss of sovereignty, and one-world-government—a family who, along with the Rothschilds, get richer, richer, and richer off of us.

I only know for sure that I don’t know. As close to the Royal Family that I ever got was once meeting Prince Philip’s brother-in-law, a German prince of the House of Hanover. Though he visited my home in Minneapolis, I never gained any insight to royals except that they are never seen to pee and they don’t expect to pay for anything… they leave both those things to us common folk.

If they’re not literal blood-suckers, they’re vampires in a metaphorical sense.


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