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no more virtue

I heard this guy on the radio the other day delivering a college address, and I immediately thought I should share it with you because his insights provide a brilliant context for so many of the socio-economic-political problems we are facing today.


Hedrick Smith, Pulitzer Prize-winning former New York Times reporter and editor and Emmy award-winning producer/correspondent, has established himself over the past 50 years of his career as one of America’s most distinguished journalists. The former Times Washington Bureau Chief has gone on to publish five books and produced more than 50 hours of long-form documentary television. His most recent book, Who Stole the American Dream?, which came out in September 2012, landed on The New York Times national bestseller list, and remains a bestseller in a number of cities.

Spending 22 minutes watching this presentation is better than any amount of time you might devote to the ideas I am prepared to write about today. Please give it a chance. I think you will find it well worth your time investment.


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