l am confused


For several days now, and using any number of key words, I have been looking for pictures of FDR’s portraits hanging in American homes, post offices, and schools of the 1930s and ’40s. My search has been unsuccessful. Why?

I know that such photographs exist; I have seen them countless times in documentary films of the period. Franklin Roosevelt was revered as the paterfamilias of the whole country (except for those Republicans who called him “that man in the White House,” not wanting to utter his name). Yet such photographs seem to be no longer common enough to be easily available on the Internet. Is this because of the triumph of Conservatism?

I suppose we have been through too many assassinations, too many impeachments, too many betrayals and scandals to ever fall for such naïveté again. We expect to be let down by the likes of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton; their imperfections are already out there for everyone to see. Cruz and Rubio, too. No surprise. They’re guaranteed to disappoint.

According to Secret Service agents who have begun to talk, even squeaky-clean Jimmy Carter was one of the most unpopular presidents of recent time. Everyone has their flaws. Before everything is said and done, I’m sure that there will be bad stories from someone about Bernie Sanders—about how he once kicked his dog or something.

I suppose the best we can do is choose the best from a bad lot.





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