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on the road again


I got a phone call yesterday, and Lone Heron and Alex are together in the car, on their way to Estrella Vista. I’m still not sure what happened, but I will get all the details soon enough. They’ll probably be here sometime Monday.

They connected Saturday about 4:00 pm eastern. I’m sure Alex was mightily inconvenienced that he had to wait 24+ hours before being picked up, but the chance of his being able to catch a ride to my door from where he was marooned defies all expectation. I’m exasperated but withholding judgement until I learn the facts.

Friday evening I received two phone calls from Derek, and the doctors want to keep him under observation/therapy for 30 days more. From the tone of Derek’s voice, I could tell this is not necessarily a bad thing. I think at times he feels comforted that he is getting the help he needs.

I speculate that this arrangement is hardest on Donna; she is alone and does not even have the companionship of her children. I feel bad for her, but there is little I can do from a distance but provide moral support.

At least it all makes good copy.


PS: They’re crazy people and arrived an hour ago at 4:30 pm central.



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