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To tell you the truth, I’m not much in the mood to write anything today, I think after yesterday’s news and post you deserve a “breather,” and I would guess that the question uppermost in your mind is, “How are their dogs getting along?”

The answer? It’s going slow.

The first day, the three of us took a walk to the top of Observatory Hill. Bruce and Maggie came with us, and Max remained behind and howled mournfully.

The second day, we drove down to town with Bruce in the car so Lone Heron and Alex could shower and experience some of our town’s mediocre food. When we returned, the dogs had reached an uneasy détente, and Bruce lunged at Max and Maggie only a few times.

Yesterday, we visited Whitebear’s for most of the day, where Bruce remained in the car. By the time we had returned, Max had decided to get along but Maggie decided to be the fly in the ointment and try to assert her status as Queen Shit.

Who knows what today will bring?

I predict that by the time Lone Heron wants to leave, the dogs will be snoozing together on the floor and will be inseparable.

But that’s 2½ weeks out and they have 18 more days of musical chairs.

I think some of this is brought on by us humans. Max and Maggie are unaccustomed to treats, while treats are a big part of Bruce’s life. My dogs are greedy, and oh-so-happy when Lone Heron dispenses the goodies.

Now Bruce has met his match. Quinn (Karen, my housekeeper’s 3-year-old daughter) has just arrived and decided that Bruce is her personal toy. It’s getting more fun every minute.



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