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Estrella Vista – A First Impression

by Lone Heron

After driving 24 straight hours beginning from Atlanta GA, only stopping for bathroom and fuel and one 15-minute power nap, I passed through Alpine TX sleep-deprived and groggy on the final leg of the destination to Dan’s. My big dog Bruce was snoozing in the back and Alex King was napping in the passenger seat. I was thinking of waking Alex to talk to me when I caught my first glimpses of the desert mesas leading to Dan’s.

wow, Wow, WOW!

I was awake again, and like the sun’s slow rise in the morning, my energy was lifted and I completed the journey, my tiredness replaced by total AWE!

It rendered me speechless—full of wonder and awe, for the next 45 minutes I found myself mesmerized by the landscape to the point it was literally impairing my driving (it’s hard to keep your focus on the road when the landscape is so amazing you can’t keep your eyes on the road). I was so distracted I almost stalled out because I became so transfixed, I forgot to downshift gears and slowed down to 30 mph in a 70 mph zone.colorfulDesertShack-roofClose

Although I have traveled to many different places, I have never seen such a big sky—pictures will never be able to do the views justice. Terlingua feels like we are no longer in the 21st century: devoid of shopping malls, chain stores like Home Depot, McDonald’s, and all other similar trappings found in modern civilization.

After about 45 minutes, Alex woke up just in time to direct me the last few miles to Estrella Vista.

Estrella Vista is off-the-grid. sitting in the middle of the desert. The lack of electrical hum created by electricity allows a silence that is so deep you can hear your own heartbeat, something that just doesn’t happen in the city.


Estrella Vista & Corazon Peak.

IMG_4073Here there is a star-filled sky that brings the stars in so close you almost feel like you can touch them, a very dynamic contrast from the more densely populated areas that make star gazing extremely limited.

The land itself is harsh, but incredibly beautiful in ways I could never have conceived of had I not seen it for myself.

I’ve seen many pictures of the West, but none even begin to do justice to a territory whose beauty is larger than any camera could ever truly capture. I can see why Dan loves this place and wants to share it. It is a healing place where attitudes must either dissolve or move elsewhere.

West Texas is not a place for those who want to shop for hours on end, eat in 5-star hotels, or be pampered by the pool while the pool boys bring misty drinks.

But it is a wonderful place to rest and recharge while viewing an incredible night sky that literally seems to open like a staircase leading to the Milky Way.


Lone Heron has published a true story called Inherited Rage, which describes her upbringing in a severely abusive family. The book relates how she survived by killing both her parents as a teen, and how she has walked the long road to Redemption ever since then. She has transformed herself into a natural healer of extraordinary ability and insight, which she hopes to put to work at Estrella Vista.



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